Future Of Iraqi Dinar With Economic Growth

Investors and financial experts both are expecting Iraqi dinar revaluation, as the economy of Iraq is gradually spreading its arms to absolutely new business opportunities. One of its new promising opportunities is oil production of Iraq. From the time while the country found out its plentiful oil resources, numerous countries and oil firms have showed their interest to make agreements along with oil resources of country.


Several IQD investors have purchased Iraqi Dinar to get benefit of its historically low price. The present buying and selling value of IQD is round about 1175 IQD to $1. Everyone is looking forward for the Iraq’s currency revaluation simply because when this expected revaluation will actually happen, an increase is expected in IQD value. This is really very good news for traders who've purchased it. Dinar investors are expecting for Iraq for being stable like a country and also awaiting for stability of Iraqi Dinar in open market.


Political situation in Iraq has been quite frustrating for all parties as well as for the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq have been disappointed by having no management or leadership in the country. 

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Corporate Finance Area

As reported by the senior advisor of ICB (Iraqi Central Bank) the government has followed a bilateral strategy to rebuild the IQD so as to support big transactions and make all accounts of government even more streamlined. Several people of Iraq still depend on cash transactions and it is quite difficult to take plenty of cash in bags to pay for costly products purchased. The inconvenience of such kind encourages people to use dollars for any type of cash transactions rather than Iraqi Dinar. This situation is really bothering and Govt. of Iraq, who really wants to stop it. Continue to read